EVENTUM laminate flooring with the new special format 1380*244mm meets the latest fashion trends. Wide panels visually expand the space in the room.

The collection includes wood decors, high quality oak styles in different colour variations. Impressive and realistic surface structures complement the natural design of the flooring.

Bevels on all four sides of the panel give a special flavor to the coating and make it indistinguishable from natural wood.

Stylish character of the EVENTUM collection is suitable for the interior of any stylistic direction.

Technical characteristics:

Abrasion class - AC4 / Loading class - 32 / Surface structure - WG,MX / Size of a panel - 1380x244x8mm / Number of panels in a box - 8 pieces / 2,694sq.m.

D1812 V4
Paradise Oak

D1844 V4
Vigorous Oak

D1845 V4
Glorious Oak

D1846 V4
Marvel Oak

D1847 V4
Supremo Oak

D1848 V4
Monolith Oak

D1849 V4
Lato Oak

D1853 V4
Fiesta Oak